Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge Helps and Documents

Scouts working on the Signs, Signals, and Codes merit badge will learn about various methods of communications, including distress signals, Morse code, sign language, braille, and semaphore. They also explore maps, text message symbols, and emojis.

Get the Signs, Signals, and Code Merit Badge pamphlet

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge

Printable checkoff sheet for Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge

Printable note sheet for Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge

Printable checkoff sheet for all Scouts BSA merit badges

Explore some helps and related achievements below:

Wilderness Survival Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Wilderness Survival program feature helps Scouts learn how to stay safe, warm, and dry when the unexpected happens during an outdoor adventure.

Special Needs Awareness Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Special Needs feature teaches Scouts to understand and appreciate the unique qualities and abilities of each person. Scouts learn to appreciate the challenges faced by people with special needs.

American Sign Language Translator

Hand Speak provides an American Sign Language Translator. Just type in a word and you will see a video of the sign for the word.

Morse Code Interpreter Strip Requirements and Helps

The Boy Scouts of America offers a special Morse Code interpreter strip for any youth or adult who demonstrates proficiency in Morse Code. The strip may be worn on the uniform.

Designed to Crunch Scouts BSA Nova Award (Mathematics) Helps and Documents

Designed to Crunch is the Scouts BSA Nova Award for mathematics. To earn this award, Scouts must complete one of their mathematics related merit badges and learn about related topics such as calculating horsepower, statistics for athletics events, and star counts.

Secret Codes: 3 Fun Codes to Try

Having a secret code can be fun. There are several simple methods of coding communication so that only those who know the “secret” know what is being said.

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