Wilderness Survival Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Boy Scout Planning Guide suggests a  Wilderness Survival Program Feature for January 2014.  This wilderness survival program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month’s worth of troop activities with a focus on outdoor skills and survival techniques.

The plans for the Wilderness Survival troop program feature can be found in  Volume 3 of Troop Program Features from BSA:

Early man practiced wilderness survival because he had to. We practice it today because it is a challenge and because even today we might confront a situation requiring knowledge of survival techniques in the wild. Wilderness survival requires the ability to evaluate circumstances, make decisions, and keep a clear mind.

Wilderness Survival Program

Younger scouts can work on their early rank requirements, including citizenship and outdoor skills.  Older scouts can earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge . Other badge possibilities include CookingCamping, Hiking, and Orienteering.

The featured activity for this month is a survival weekend. Scouts learn to build shelters and find food.

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