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Wolf Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan : Outdoor Skills

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This Wolf Call of the Wild den meeting plan covers two of the seven requirements for the Call of the Wild Wolf adventure. The other requirements will be covered in another meeting and a den outing.

At this meeting, Wolves prepare to go camping by learning about knots, fire, the Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace.

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Wolf Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan: Outdoor Skills

Do items in any order which works best for your group and your meeting place.

Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan Gathering Activity

Eraser Prints of Animal Tracks would be an appropriate gathering activity for this meeting.


The Edible Campfires would go with this theme.

Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan Activities

Adventure requirement 2: Show how to tie an overhand knot and a square knot.

Instructions for these knots are in the Wolf handbook.

Here are the steps to tie an overhand knot:

  1. Form a loop with the end of the rope.
  2. Tuck the end of the rope through the loop.
  3. Holding onto the end of the rope, pull the knot tight.
  4. Use the overhand knot as a simple stopper.
  5. Undo the knot by pushing both ends of the rope closer together, then unthreading the end.

Here are the steps to tie a square knot:

  1. Lay the rope to your left on top of the rope to your right.
  2. Wrap the right-hand rope under the left-hand rope.
  3. Bring the right-hand rope back over the left-hand rope. Both ends of the ropes are now on the same side.
  4. Wrap the left-hand rope under the right-hand rope.
  5. Bring the left-hand rope back over the right-hand rope. Both ends of the ropes are now on the same side.
  6. Pull the ends of the ropes to tighten the knot.

See this Square Knot Song and Overhand Knot Song for a creative way to teach these.

Adventure requirement 7a: Recite the Outdoor Code with your leader.

Review the Outdoor Code and talk about what each part means. Then recite it together.

The Outdoor Code
As an American, I will do my best to
Be clean in my outdoor manners
Be careful with fire
Be considerate in the outdoors
Be conservation-minded

Adventure requirement 7b. Recite the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids with your leader. Talk about how these principles support the Outdoor Code.

Look at each principle and see which part of the Outdoor Code it relates to. For example, when you “Trash your Trash” then you are fulfilling “Be clean in my outdoor manners”. Then recite the Leave No Trace principles together.

  1. Plan ahead and prepare.
  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  3. Dispose of waste properly.
  4. Leave what you find.
  5. Minimize campfire impact.
  6. Respect wildlife.
  7. Be considerate of other visitors.

Adventure requirement 7c. After your campout, list the ways you demonstrated being careful with fire.

The requirement says to do this after the campout, but it wouldn’t hurt to talk about fire safety beforehand also.

This meeting would also be a good time to discuss what to pack for your campout. There is a good list in the Wolf handbook, or check my packing list article.

For more help, invite a Scout to this meeting. He or she will have lots of camping experience and can help with knot instruction, what to pack, etc. If you don’t have a Den Chief, ask your local Scouts BSA Troop if there is somebody available to help.

Song for Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan

Add a song to the activities. Take Me Out to the Forest will get your Wolves excited about camping.

Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan Wrap Up

Remember to tie in your activities in this Call of the Wild den meeting plan with the Scout Law.

A Scout is Clean. Part of Leave No Trace means cleaning up after yourself when you are outdoors.

A Scout is Courteous. Following the Leave No Trace principles and the Outdoor Code allows others to enjoy the areas you visit also.

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The Outdoor Code e1670017946124

Outdoor Code

Every Scout who is spending time outdoors should be familiar with the Outdoor Code. It is especially important for Webelos, Scouts BSA, and Venturers who are out camping regularly.

Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is an outdoor ethics program which encourages responsible use of outdoor resources. The frontcountry guidelines are the guidelines for day-use areas like parks and trails. It is a good idea to review these before participating in an outdoor activity.

Call of the Wild Den Meeting Plan – Safety

At this Wolf den meeting for Call of the Wild, Wolves prepare for camping by learning about knots, fire, the Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace.

Call of the Wild Campout

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of going camping. If you are a novice, the key is to have some support from somebody who is comfortable “in the wild”.

Square Knot Song and Overhand Knot Song

Marianna from Pack 377 in Fort Meade, MD sent in these two songs which she made up to help teach her Wolves about square knots and overhand knots.

Camping Packing List

Camping Packing List

One thing new scouts (and new leaders) often ask the first few times they go camping is “What do I need to bring?”

Fire Safety

Fire Safety with Cub Scouts

I like to review some fire safety rules with my Webelos before the fire is built. That way they all know the expectations.


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