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Eraser Prints of Animal Tracks

I received an email from a Scouter Mom who was doing a nature station at a camp and wanted information about making eraser prints of animal tracks. Here is some information about it in case anyone else wants to do this.

This method is different from the “end of the pencil” method. Instead, it uses larger art gum erasers. Obviously, the prints still aren’t going to be full sized, but at least you have something a little larger to work with.

Basically, you are making a relief stamp. Cut away the parts you don’t want to try to get something that looks like a paw print. Then use an ink pad to make the stamps. Making relief stamps can be challenging at first, so make a few on your own before attempting it with a group of 8 year old boys!

How to Make Eraser Prints of Animal Tracks

This craft will help children have fun thinking about all of the different tracks in nature.


Instructions for Eraser Prints of Animal Tracks

  • Put an eraser on a piece of paper and trace the size of the eraser on the paper.
  • Draw the outline of the print in the area you traced. If the images provided in the template are small enough, place them under the first piece of paper and trace them.
  • Use the ballpoint pen to trace over the outlines several times so there is plenty of ink on the paper.
  • Place the paper back on the eraser so the outline of the eraser lines up with the eraser.
  • Being careful not to move the eraser, rub the paper so the ink transfers from the paper to the eraser.
  • Remove the paper and fill in the outline of the print on the eraser as necessary.
  • Use the utility knife to cut away the “non-track” parts from the eraser. You don’t need to cut away very deep – about 1/8 to ¼ of an inch will do.
  • You should now have something which resembles a rubber stamp. Place the stamp on the ink pad and then press onto a clean sheet of paper.


Don’t let young Scouts use the knife. That part should be done by an adult.

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2 responses to “Eraser Prints of Animal Tracks”

  1. lenore Avatar

    I was in cub scouts 30 plus years ago and we did plaster of paris of real animal tracks. that was fun for the boys to figure out what animal made the track. go to a farm, or the woods.

  2. Debbie Avatar

    If you cut the track shape from those foam sheets at the craft store, and then glue those onto something like a wooden disc, it works very well. We actually did this to imprint placemats for a Blue and Gold with the Cub Scout den’s tracks… tiger, wolf, bear, …

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