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Tiger Good Knights Adventure for 2024

The Tiger Good Knights Adventure offers Tiger Cub Scouts a unique opportunity to explore the concept of chivalry and how it ties into modern-day character development. Through engaging activities, Tigers learn about courteous behavior and the importance of good deeds, paralleling the noble qualities of knights from historical tales.

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The Good Knights adventure helps Tigers understand and demonstrate the qualities of kindness, bravery, and honor—core aspects of both the historical knightly code and the Scout Law. Discussions and activities guide them in identifying how each point of the Scout Law relates to being courteous and living like a knight today. This not only strengthens their moral foundation but also makes them more aware of their actions and their impact on others.

Creating personal or den shields and building castles using recycled materials allow Tigers to express their creativity while learning about history and symbolism. These crafts serve as a fun, hands-on way to reinforce the values discussed, giving tangible form to abstract concepts like loyalty and protection.

Overall, the Tiger Good Knights Adventure fosters a sense of personal responsibility and community service among young Scouts. By participating in this adventure, Tigers develop a better understanding of positive character traits and the importance of helping others, laying a strong foundation for their growth into thoughtful and responsible individuals.

Requirements for the Tiger Good Knights Adventure

Tiger Good Knights Adventure Requirements

  1. Discuss with your den or Tiger adult partner what it means to have courteous  behavior, how a knight behaves.  Tell another Tiger which points of the Scout Law help you to have the same Knightly behavior. 
  2. Create a shield that can be for your den or a personal shield. 
  3. Using recycled and other materials, design and build a small castle in your den or at home. 
  4. Do a Good Turn.

Resources for the Tiger Good Knights Adventure

Learning Courteous Behavior

Discuss with your den or Tiger adult partner what it means to have courteous  behavior, how a knight behaves.  Tell another Tiger which points of the Scout Law help you to have the same Knightly behavior. 

Requirement 1 of the Tiger Good Knights Adventure encourages Tiger Cub Scouts to engage in discussions about courteous behavior, akin to how a knight behaves. This activity helps Tigers understand the importance of being polite and respectful in their daily lives.

Learn more about the Scout Law and see even more activities related to it here.

  • Role-Playing: Organize a role-playing session where Tigers can act out scenarios as knights demonstrating courteous behavior. Examples might include a knight helping someone pick up dropped items or taking turns speaking during a meeting. This can make the learning process fun and memorable.
  • Storytelling: Share stories or books about knights who exhibit traits like bravery, respect, and helpfulness. Discuss how these traits relate to the Scout Law points such as “courteous,” “kind,” and “helpful.” This will help Tigers connect historical concepts with modern-day behavior.
  • Circle Discussion: Have a circle discussion where each Tiger talks about a time they were courteous or observed courteous behavior. They can also discuss which point of the Scout Law they were following during those moments. This encourages them to think about and articulate their experiences.
  • Scout Law Matching Game: Create cards with descriptions of knightly behaviors and Scout Law points. Have Tigers match behaviors with the correct Scout Law points. This interactive activity reinforces their understanding of how the Scout Law guides courteous actions.

Here are some options for fulfilling Tiger Good Knights Adventure requirement 1:

  • Courteous Knights
    • Cub Scouts will act out acts of being courteous and other points of the Scout Law.
    • Supplies: none
    • indoor, moderate energy, minimal prep
  • Modern Knights
    • Have a guest speaker from one of the armed services come to speak about the values and creed of their branch. 
    • Supplies: none
    • indoor, very low energy, a week or more prep

By participating in these activities, Tigers will learn how courteous behavior is an essential part of being both a good Scout and a noble knight. This Good Knights requirement not only teaches them about historical chivalry but also about how these timeless values apply in their own lives.

Designing Your Own Shield

Create a shield that can be for your den or a personal shield. 

Requirement 2 of the Tiger Good Knights Adventure lets Tiger Cub Scouts create a shield, which can be a personal or den shield. This activity combines creativity with learning about symbolism and personal values.

  • Design Workshop: Hold a workshop where Tigers can design their shields. Provide materials like cardboard, foil, paint, and markers. Help them think about symbols that represent their values or the values of their den, like courage, honesty, or friendship.
  • Symbolism Discussion: Before starting the shield, discuss what different symbols mean. For example, a lion might represent bravery, while a heart could symbolize kindness. This helps Tigers choose symbols that truly reflect their character or the spirit of their den.
  • Shield Gallery: Once the shields are completed, organize a shield gallery where Tigers can display and talk about their shields. They can explain the symbols they chose and what those symbols mean to them. This encourages pride in their work and deepens their understanding of personal and group identity.
  • Use in Role-Playing: Incorporate the shields into future den meetings or activities, especially those involving role-playing games where Tigers can act as knights. This gives a practical use for their shields and makes the activities more engaging.

Here are some options for fulfilling Tiger Good Knights Adventure requirement 2:

  • Den Shield
    • Working together as a den make a den shield. 
    • Supplies: plywood, table saw, pencil, sandpaper, spray paint, acrylic paint, paint brushes, bowls with water, painter’s tape
    • indoor, low energy, one week prep
    • Consider purchasing a large craft shield instead of cutting one yourself
  • Personal Little Shield
    • Make a personal little shield out of plywood and decorate it with paint. 
    • Supplies: wooden craft shields, Tiger handbook page 40, paint, primer, paint brushes, bowls with water
    • indoor, low energy, one week prep
  • Personal Shield
    • Cub Scouts make a personal shield from project board.
    • Supplies: Tiger handbook page 40, large project board, acrylic paint, paint brushes, bowls with water, crayons, scissors
    • indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep

Creating a shield is not just a craft activity; it’s a meaningful way for Tigers to express what’s important to them and to visually share these values with others. This Good Knights project fosters creativity, self-expression, and an understanding of symbolism, all while having fun and engaging with the ideals of the Scout Law.

Castle Constructions

Using recycled and other materials, design and build a small castle in your den or at home. 

Requirement 3 of the Tiger Good Knights Adventure involves designing and building a small castle using recycled materials. This task lets Tiger Cub Scouts exercise their creativity while learning about engineering and architecture in a fun, hands-on way.

  • Recycling Rally: Begin by organizing a recycling rally where Tigers can bring in clean recyclable materials from home, such as cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, and plastic containers. This teaches them about the importance of recycling and gives them a variety of building materials to choose from.
  • Design Session: Have a discussion about what features are found in a castle, like towers, walls, and gates. Encourage Tigers to sketch their castle designs before building. This helps them plan their projects and think critically about the structure and appearance of their castles.
  • Castle Showcase: Once the castles are complete, hold a showcase where each Tiger can present their castle to the group. They can explain their design choices and what they learned during the building process. This not only boosts their confidence but also enhances their communication skills.

Here are some options for fulfilling Tiger Good Knights Adventure requirement 3:

  • Building Sandcastles
    • Use a sandbox for the den to create a den sandcastle.
    • Supplies: large sandbox, sandcastle molds, buckets, plastic cups, craft sticks
    • requires travel, moderate energy, 3 to 5 days prep
  • Castle Made of Building Blocks
    • Make a castle using modular building blocks such as Legos  
    • Supplies: building blocks
    • indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep
  • Yesterdays Trash is Todays Castle
    • Using recycled or reused materials, build a model castle.  
    • Supplies: boxes, tape, cans, water bottles, milk jugs, scissors, glue, crayons
    • indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep

This activity is about fostering a deeper understanding of how things are constructed and appreciating the value of using available resources creatively. It’s a perfect blend of education, environmental consciousness, and fun.

Doing a Good Turn

Do a Good Turn.

Requirement 4 of the Tiger Good Knights Adventure encourages Tiger Cub Scouts to “do a good turn.” This simple yet powerful act is about helping others without expecting anything in return, embodying the core values of scouting and knightly behavior.

  • Helping Neighbors: Encourage Tigers to help a neighbor with a simple task, like raking leaves, carrying groceries, or sweeping a porch. This teaches them the value of being helpful and considerate towards others.
  • Kindness Rocks: Have Tigers paint positive messages or cheerful pictures on rocks, then place them around the neighborhood or in a community garden to brighten someone’s day. This activity combines creativity with acts of kindness.
  • Thank You Cards: Tigers can make and send thank-you cards to local community helpers like firefighters, police officers, or teachers. This shows appreciation and teaches Tigers to recognize the contributions of others.
  • Compliment Cards: Tigers can color these compliment cards and give them to others to brighten their day.

See even more ideas for age appropriate service projects here.

Here is an option for fulfilling Tiger Good Knights Adventure requirement 4:

These activities are not only fun but also instill a sense of responsibility and community service in Tiger Cub Scouts. By doing good turns, Tigers learn that their actions, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on others and the world around them.

Safety Resources

Before any activity, check the SAFE Checklist to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone involved in Scouting America activities should know the Guide to Safe Scouting and other relevant guides or books. Also follow any state or local rules that are more strict than Scouting America rules and guidelines.

Before starting a craft, watch the Craft Tips video (2 minutes 34 seconds).

More information

Frequently Asked Questions for the Tiger Good Knights Adventure

What does “courteous behavior” mean for a Tiger Cub Scout?

Courteous behavior means being polite and respectful to everyone around you.

What can we use to make our shields for the Good Knights adventure?

You can use materials like cardboard, paint, and markers to make your shields.

What materials are good for building a castle?

Recycled materials like boxes, tubes, and plastic containers work well for building castles.

Can we build the castle at a den meeting?

Yes, building the castle during a den meeting is a great group activity.

What are some examples of a ‘good turn’?

Examples include picking up litter, helping a neighbor, or making thank-you cards for community workers.

Do we need special tools for any of these activities?

No special tools are needed. Basic craft supplies like scissors, glue, and tape are enough.

How long does the Good Knights adventure usually take to complete?

It depends on the pace of your den, but most dens complete it in one meeting.

Can parents help with the projects?

Yes, parents should help, especially with building the castle and making the shield.

Knights of Today

The Tiger Good Knights Adventure invites Tiger Cub Scouts to step into the shoes of knights, learning about courteous behavior and engaging in creative projects. Through discussions and activities, they explore the values that made knights legendary and apply these lessons to their own lives by emphasizing kindness, bravery, and respect.

In this adventure, Tigers begin by discussing what it means to behave courteously, linking these behaviors to the points of the Scout Law. They learn that being polite and considerate are qualities that everyone, not just knights, should embody. Next, Tigers craft their own shields, incorporating symbols that represent personal or den values, which fosters creativity and personal expression.

Building a small castle from recycled materials teaches them about teamwork and the basics of construction, while also highlighting the importance of recycling. Lastly, by doing a good turn, Tigers put their knightly values into practice, contributing positively to their communities through acts of kindness.

This adventure not only entertains but also educates, instilling a sense of chivalry and community service in young Scouts, helping them develop into responsible and caring individuals.


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