Sleeping Pirate Game

This month I am featuring the Cultural Awareness Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts. The meeting plan for week two suggests playing Sleeping Pirate as a opening activity while the Scouts are gathering. This works well for this purpose since it doesn’t require much equipment and additional Scouts can join in as they arrive.

Sleeping Pirate


  • Two blocks of wood or similar sized objects to be the treasure
  • Blindfold
  • Chair


  1. Designate one Scout to be the pirate.
  2. Blindfold the pirate and have him sit in a chair in the middle of the playing area
  3. Put the treasure at his feet.
  4. The rest of the Scouts try to sneak in and get the treasure without being caught. (He can only take one treasure at a time.)
  5. The pirate “catches” the Scouts by pointing at them when they make a noise.
  6. If a Scout is caught he must go to the edge of the playing area and start again.
  7. A Scout who is caught twice must sit out the rest of the round.
  8. The round is over when both treasures have been captured. You can play multiple rounds.

Score 10 points for each captured treasure. Highest score at the end wins.

If the group is large, use more pirates (seated back to back) and additional treasures.


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  1. val April 3, 2012 at 5:46 AM #

    We play this game in summer except our version the treasure is a cup of water, and if the cub makes it to the water under the chair before they are hear them is is tipped over the cub on the chair, it is a real favorite on a waqrm night.

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