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Kindness Fortune Teller

I needed a couple of activities for a recent meeting based on the Planting Seeds of Kindness theme. So one thing we did was make kindness fortune tellers (also known as cootie catchers.)

A fortune teller is a type of origami. You it is labelled with numbers and colors. You manipulate it with your fingers based on a person’s choices. When you get to the final step, a message is revealed.

In this case, the message was something kind you can do for someone. So they can take these home and use them once a day to get a prompt for a kindness activity to focus on for that day.

How to Make a Kindness Fortune Teller


  • scissors
  • crayons
  • markers



To assemble the fortune teller

  1. Print out the template and cut away the margins.
  1. Color and decorate the template using crayons or markers. (Optional)
  2. Flip it so the printed side is down and fold in the corners so they meet in the center.
  1. Flip it over again and fold the corners into the center.
  1. Crease down the middle.
  1. Fold it down the middle in the perpendicular direction.
  1. Pull out the corners.

How to play with a fortune teller (cootie catcher)

  • Put your fingers in the bottom of the fortune teller.
  • Ask your friend to pick a color. Spell out the color while pulling the sections apart and pinching them together.
  • Ask your friend to pick one of the numbers which is showing. Count it out while manipulating the fortune teller.
  • Ask your friend to pick another number. Lift the flap and read the message which is under the number. That is the kindness activity for the day!


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