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Thank You Note Template for Thanking a Special Person

Gratitude Is Important

It is really important for kids to learn how to say “Thank You”. Gratitude is something which needs to be taught, and Cub Scouts is a perfect forum for doing this.

The link at the bottom of this article is for a template for a thank you note. Use this template to help your Scouts write a thank you note for somebody who has made a difference in their lives. Have them take the time to write it on a blank piece of paper, rather than just filling in the blanks.

The form below is just to help give them some structure and specifics for writing the note. After doing this, they can write their thank you.

More Resources

Scout Thank You Cards

For some special cards to write in to say “Thank You” to your favorite Den Leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or other Scouter, see these “A Scouter Is…” spoof on the Scout Law note cards.

Funny Ways to Say Thank You

If you are looking to add some humor to your message, check these funny and punny ways to say thank you.


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