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Constellation Matching Game

About this Constellation Matching Game

This constellation matching game will add fun to any astronomy focused meeting or achievement. It will also familiarize youth with some of the constellations. The drawings behind the constellations will help them understand why they are named for people or animals. They can imagine the shapes themselves.

How to Play Constellation Concentration

  1. Print out two sets of the cards (below).
  2. Cut the cards apart. You should have 24 cards total.
  3. Randomly place the cards printed side down on a flat surface.
  4. Have the first Scout turn over two cards.
    • If they match, the Scout keeps the cards and tries to find another match.
    • Otherwise they are placed printed side down in their original position.
  5. The next Scout comes forward and tries to make a match.
  6. Continue playing until all of the matches have been found.

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