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Grin and Bear It Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

This information is for the Cub Scout program before the June 1, 2024 updates. After June 2024, all Cub Scouts should use the updated program requirements. See here.

Grin and Bear It  is one of the Bear elective adventures.  For this adventure, Bears play a game and hold a Cub Scout Carnival at a pack meeting.

Requirements for the Grin and Bear It Adventure

Complete at least four of the following:

  1. Play a challenge game or initiative game with the members of your den. Take part in a reflection after the game.
  2. Working with the members of your den, organize a Cub Scout carnival and lead it at a special event.
  3. Help younger Cub Scouts take part in one of the events at the Cub Scout carnival.
  4. After the Cub Scout carnival, discuss with the members of your den and your den leader what went well, what could be done better, and how everyone worked together to make the event a success.
  5. With your den, develop a thank-you cheer to recognize those who helped organize the Cub Scout carnival

Resources for Bear Den Leaders and Parents

Have some laughs with these related ideas and achievements:

Carnival Ideas

A reader wrote “Curious as to what others had done for the putting on a carnival.” See the answers here. Some are very simple and others are more elaborate.

I Can Do That With One Hand Tied Behind My Back Game

The goal of this cooperative game is for two Scouts to work together to make a simple lunch. The challenge is that they each have one hand tied behind their back.

Human Knot Game

This is a game in which a group must work together to “untie” themselves from a knot. This is a cooperative rather than competitive game.


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