Games Tigers Play Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Girls playing and an image of the Games Tigers Play Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

For the Games Tigers Play adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn about teamwork while playing games. They also explore how active games and nutritious food keep us healthy.

Stay active and fit with these related ideas and achievements

Games Tigers Play Den Meeting Play

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Games Tigers Play

This Tiger den meeting plan covers most of the requirements for the Games Tigers Play adventure. This meeting is all about having fun and cooperating.

games for scouts

Games for Scouts

See even more game ideas here.

Build Your Own Food Plate

Most Scouts are probably familiar with the “Build My Plate” model from school. To make the nutrition components of the Scout program more interesting, turn them into a hands-on activity.

Playing Games with Varying Skill Levels

A reader asks how to approach games when the smallest kids are always “out” first and the stronger kids get to play longer.

Respectful Listening

Dealing with Scouts who won’t listen when somebody is speaking can be a real challenge. Here are some tips and a code of conduct to help them listen.

The Fast Food Song

The Fast Food Song is fun for Scouts. It is an action song and would fit in well with a nutrition themed meeting when talking about how NOT to eat on a regular basis.

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