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Bear Paws for Action Adventure for 2024

This for the 2024 program year Cub Scout updates. This new program takes effect on June 1, 2024. See more details about the overall program updates here.

The Bear Paws for Action Adventure is a great way for Bear Cub Scouts to learn about citizenship. This adventure teaches them about the importance of their role in the community and the nation. By participating in this adventure, Scouts learn valuable lessons about responsibility and how to show respect for their country and fellow citizens.

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During the Bear Paws for Action Adventure, Bear Cub Scouts engage in activities that help them understand what it means to be a good citizen. They learn about the flag of the United States, its history, and the proper ways to handle and display it. This helps them develop a sense of national pride and respect for important symbols of their country.

Scouts also explore the work of non-profits and how these organizations help the community. They learn about volunteering and why it is important. This part of the adventure helps Scouts see how they can contribute positively to the lives of others around them.

By completing the Paws for Action adventure, Bear Cub Scouts gain a deeper understanding of their duty to their local, state, and national communities. They learn that being a good citizen means being active and giving back, aligning with the Cub Scout motto of doing their best. This adventure prepares them to be thoughtful and active members of society.

Requirements for the Bear Paws for Action Adventure

Bear Paws for Action Adventure Requirements

  1. Familiarize yourself with the flag of the United States of America including the history, demonstrating how to raise and lower the flag, how to properly fold and display, and the United States etiquette.
  2. Identify 3 symbols that represent the United States.  Pick your favorite and make a model, work of art, or other craft that depicts the symbol.  
  3. Learn about the mission of any non-profit.  Find out how they fund their activities and how volunteers are used to help.   
  4. Participate in a service project.

Resources for the Bear Paws for Action Adventure

Learning About the U.S. Flag

The United States flag is a powerful symbol of our country’s history and values. Bear Cub Scouts learn about the flag to understand its significance and the proper ways to handle it for the Paws for Action adventure. This knowledge helps them show respect for the nation and its symbols.

  • Start by teaching the Scouts about the history of the flag and what each part represents.
  • Demonstrate how to correctly raise and lower the flag at a meeting or during a flag ceremony.
  • Show the Scouts how to fold the flag in the traditional triangle pattern.
  • Discuss flag etiquette, such as when and how the flag should be displayed, and what to do if a flag is worn or damaged.

See the links section for help with these.

Crafting American Symbols

Symbols hold deep meanings in American culture. For Bear Cub Scouts, exploring these symbols is a fun and creative way to connect with their country’s heritage. By making crafts based on these symbols for the Paws for Action adventure, Scouts not only learn about their meanings but also express their creativity and respect for the nation.

  • American Flag: Create a detailed drawing or a collage of the American flag using red, white, and blue materials like paper, fabric, or ribbons.
  • Mount Rushmore: Build a model of Mount Rushmore using clay or a carving from a bar of soap, highlighting the presidents.
  • Great Seal of the United States: Design and paint the Great Seal on a large circular piece of cardboard, focusing on the details like the eagle and olive branches.
  • National Monuments: Make a poster featuring several national monuments, such as the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. Include interesting facts about each.
  • American Bison: Craft a bison, which is also a U.S. symbol, from brown playdough or model it with papier-mâché.
  • Statue of Liberty: Create a small replica of the Statue of Liberty using recycled materials like bottles and cardboard.
  • Bald Eagle: Scouts can build a model of a bald eagle using clay or assemble an eagle collage using feathers and paper.
  • Liberty Bell: Make a Liberty Bell craft with paper cups and tin foil, complete with a hand-drawn crack to represent its historic feature.

These activities help Scouts understand and appreciate the symbols that represent the United States while engaging in hands-on, artistic projects.

Exploring Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in helping communities through various services and programs. For Bear Cub Scouts, learning about these organizations can show them how groups work together to make a positive impact. By understanding the mission, funding, and use of volunteers in non-profits, Scouts can see the value of teamwork and charity in action.

  • Visit a Local Non-Profit: Arrange a visit to a local non-profit organization where Scouts can learn directly from the staff about their mission and operations.
  • Guest Speaker: Invite someone from a non-profit to talk about their work, how they raise funds, and how volunteers help them achieve their goals.
  • Volunteer for a Day: Organize a day where Scouts can volunteer at a non-profit, giving them firsthand experience in how these organizations depend on volunteers.

These activities will help Scouts understand how non-profits function and the importance of community involvement.

Participating in Service Projects

Service projects are a great way for Bear Cub Scouts to give back to their community and learn the importance of helping others. These projects teach Scouts about teamwork, kindness, and the impact they can have in their local area. By engaging in service, Scouts put into practice the values of the Cub Scout Law, especially being helpful and kind.

  • Community Clean-Up: Organize a clean-up day at a local park or schoolyard where Scouts can help pick up litter and beautify the area.
  • Food Drive: Host a food drive to collect non-perishable items for a local food bank, teaching Scouts about helping those in need.
  • Visit a Senior Center: Arrange a visit to a local senior center where Scouts can spend time with elders, maybe read stories or play games, showing care and respect for older community members.
  • Plant a Garden: Help plant a garden at a local community center or school, which can be a learning experience in nature and sustainability.

These service projects allow Scouts working on the Paws for Action adventure to see the positive changes they can make and feel proud of their contributions to the community.

These links will help with flag etiquette:

History of the US Flag Cootie Catcher: A Cootie Catcher, also known as a fortune teller, is a paper origami toy. Use this free template as a resource for teaching the history of the US flag to Cub Scouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions for the Bear Paws for Action Adventure

What is the Bear Paws for Action Adventure?

It’s an activity for Bear Cub Scouts where they learn about citizenship, how to respect the U.S. flag, the importance of community service, and the role of non-profits.

Why do we learn about the U.S. flag in the Paws for Action adventure?

Learning about the flag teaches Scouts respect for a significant national symbol and the proper ways to handle and display it.

What kind of craft can Scouts make for Requirement 2?

Scouts can make a model or a craft of a U.S. symbol like the Bald Eagle, the Statue of Liberty, or the Liberty Bell.

How can Scouts participate in a service project for this adventure?

Scouts can join a community clean-up, collect food for a food bank, visit a senior center, or help plant a community garden.

What should Scouts learn from visiting a non-profit organization?

Scouts should learn about the mission of the non-profit, how it is funded, and how volunteers help achieve its goals.

How can I find a suitable non-profit for Scouts to learn about?

Choose a local non-profit that does work relevant to the Scouts’ interests or community needs, and contact them to arrange a visit or talk.

A Scout’s Guide to Citizenship

The Bear Paws for Action Adventure is designed to teach Bear Cub Scouts about citizenship and their role in the community. Throughout the adventure, Scouts learn about the importance of the U.S. flag, symbols of America, the workings of non-profit organizations, and participating in service projects.

First, Scouts explore the history and etiquette of the U.S. flag. They practice raising, lowering, and folding the flag properly. This teaches respect for a key national symbol. Next, they identify symbols like the Bald Eagle and the Statue of Liberty. Scouts choose one symbol to create a craft, deepening their connection with American heritage.

The adventure also includes learning about non-profits. Scouts discover how these organizations help the community, how they are funded, and the role of volunteers. This knowledge is put into practice through participation in a service project, which could include cleaning a local park or helping at a food bank. These activities reinforce the Scout’s duty to help and show goodwill, as outlined in the Cub Scout Law.

So the Bear Paws for Action Adventure is a comprehensive program that fosters a sense of responsibility and pride in young Scouts, encouraging them to be active, thoughtful citizens.


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