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Winter Camp Games and Activities

A Question About Winter Camp Games

Nancy sent in this question about winter camp games and activities:

I would like ideas for a winter camp that we either play outside or inside I have 10 boys. We will be hiking alot of times what are something we can do on a hike or games we can do in the snow. This is cub camp with 3rd year Beavers.

Snow Activities

Knowing that you will have snow opens up all sorts of possibilities.

  • Have a snow sculpture contest
  • Build a simple snow shelter
  • If it is cold enough you can blow bubbles and watch them freeze
  • Bring some spray bottles of colored water and make a snow painting with them.
  • Throw snowballs at a target.

Another neat idea I saw – but haven’t tried – is to freeze colored water in ice cube molds and bring them with you. Then hide them as part of a scavenger hunt.

Make a snow mazes by stomping complicated paths in the snow. Take the Cubs to the paths and let them try to find the correct path to the end.

Add Your Ideas

Readers, what are your ideas for winter activities for younger Scouts? Add your comments to the bottom of this post.

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