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Tiger Cub Scout Electives – Group or Individual?

The Question

Lacye asked this:

My question is, are tiger cub electives done in a group or can they do them on their own?

Group and Individual

They will probably do a few of them with their den, but they can do Tiger Cub Scout electives on their own also.

All Tiger Cub activities are to be done with an adult partner. The adult partner can be a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. I’ve even had a college aged sibling do activities with a Tiger Cub. They can do them at home, at a den or pack meeting, or at another Cub Scout event.  The important thing is that their adult partner be there helping them with it.

Tiger Cub Scouts

More Resources for Tiger Adventures

Tiger is the Cub Scout program for boys and girls in 1st grade. Tiger Cub Scouts learn to work together and explore the world as a team. Find requirements and resources here.


One response to “Tiger Cub Scout Electives – Group or Individual?”

  1. Jane Avatar

    As a parent and a leader, repeating the experience a second time, my advice is to talk to your den leader. Find out what they have planned for future den meetings and cover activities in the book that won’t be covered in a den meeting. There’s a lot of fun stuff covered in the Tiger book and later in the Wolf and Bear book that might not be covered in a den meeting, but would be fun to do with your son. The most important advice is to talk to your den leader often, keep them up to date on what you are doing with your son and they will keep you up to date on what is happening in the den. And have fun!

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