Rolling Tigers Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

A child riding a bike and an image of the Rolling Tigers Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

Rolling Tigers is one of the Tiger elective adventures. For this adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn about bicycle safety, equipment, and laws. They also go on a bike ride.

Bike Rodeo

A bike rodeo is a fun way to accomplish all of the requirements for the Rolling Tigers adventure. We have done this as a Pack meeting. Even the Cub Scouts who aren’t working on this adventure will enjoy riding their bikes.

Bike Hike Safety and Etiquette

Before riding, talk about safety and etiquette. Some of the other resources on this page cover safety. Etiquette is also important because it helps keep other cyclists and pedestrians safe. And it also covers Leave No Trace. Just like on any other outdoor adventure, we should leave the area clean so it can be enjoyed by others.

Bicycle Safety Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle makes a fun gathering activity for a den meeting or a pack bike rodeo.

Bike Inspection Checklist

Use this printable checklist to ensure that everyone’s bikes are in good working order before starting to ride.

Bike Repair Tips

If you do need to make some repairs, these tips from an experienced cyclist will help.

Bicycle Helmet Fitting

Don’t compromise on helmets. All youth and adults who are riding should be wearing one. Use these guidelines to ensure that helmets are being worn properly.

BSA Video Resource

Bicycle License Plate Craft

This craft is also a fun little gathering activity. Or use it as one of the stations at a bike rodeo.

Bicycle Rodeo Applause, Cheer, and Song

For a break in the action, use these fun interludes to get everyone up and doing something silly.

Pack Bike Rodeo (and Riding My E-Bike)

Here are some pictures from one of our Cub Scout Pack rodeos. And some photos of me with my e-bike, which has allowed me to enjoy riding again.

BSA Bike Safety Guidelines

Before starting any cycling activities, check these guidelines from BSA to ensure that you are following the appropriate rules.

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