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Thankfulness Zone Cub Scout Gathering Activity

An appropriate Cub Scout gathering activity for your den or pack will get your meeting off to a good start. This gathering activity works well with the April Cub Scout theme of Cub Scouts Give Thanks. The Cub Scouts Give Thanks theme is one of the supplemental Cub Scout program themes for the core value of Faith for April.

Thankfulness Zone Cub Scout Gathering Activity


  • Thankfulness Zone Sign (make beforehand on a piece of posterboard)
  • index cards
  • paper
  • pencils
  • markers
  • crayons
  • tape


  1. Designate a wall as the “Thankfulness Zone” in your meeting place. Attach your sign there.
  2. Tell each Cub Scout to write or draw on a card or piece of paper something which he is thankful for.
  3. Then have them attach them to the “Thankfulness Zone”. (Adults should help with this).
  4. Encourage the Cub Scouts to make multiple cards.

Note: Use tape which will not damage the wall. Test it first.

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