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My next meeting with my Bear den is on April 13 and I’m trying to plan ahead. We’ve done enough Bear achievements now that they should be able to finish up their Bear badges with just a little help from their parents. So I’m looking at the electives. I want to do something fun and a little more active now that the weather is warming up. I’d also like to do something a little different that what they have done while working on the Bear achievements.

So I’ve decided to work on Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life. They have studied Native American culture this year in school and made model villages,  so they have already complete 24(a) and 24(c).  24(b) sounds like fun though. We could make a couple of games and play them. I came across this Native American Dice game (I found it on The Crafty Crow website) which sounds perfect for my group. We can’t whittle the sticks (we meet at school – no knives allowed!), but we can do the rest of it at the meeting. I think the combination of craft and game would go over really well.

That will be the first game then. And I still have some time to come up with a second game which should probably be a wide area game we play outside. And maybe we can do some sort of snack along that theme also. Nothing too exotic though – they are not adventurous eaters!

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