Native American Pattern

Hubbub – A Native American Dice Game

This is a traditional Native American game. The scoring systems seem to vary from one reference to another, so the system below is a simplified system which scouts should be able to follow.

Hubbub – A Native American Dice Game

Materials (per pair of players)

  • 5 dice – traditionally these are plum pits. If you don’t have plum pits, be creative. Small wooden craft pieces work well. Or use bottle caps.
  • 50 sticks – use actual sticks, toothpicks, or craft sticks
  • 1 bowl


  1. Decorate one side of three of the dice with stars. On the other two dice, decorate one side with Xs.
  2. One player tosses the dice in a bowl. The dice will be star side up, X side up, or blank side up. Score as follows
    •  All blanks = 1 point
    •  2X’s (and a combination of blanks and stars on the other dice) = 3 points
    •  3 stars (and a combination of blanks and Xs on the other dice) = 3 points
    •  5 marked sides up = 8 points
    •  Anything else = 0 points
  3. The player who rolled the dice takes a number of sticks equal to the number of points he scored.
  4. The second player rolls and is scored just as the first player was.
  5. When all of the sticks are gone, each player counts his sticks.
  6. Whoever has the most sticks wins.


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