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Antichess Game

About Antichess

Do you feel like you always lose when you play chess? If you are better at getting your own pieces captured than capturing your opponents pieces, then Antichess is the game for you. In Antichess (sometimes called Suicide Chess or Giveaway Chess) the object is to lose all of your pieces. It will also make you think differently about chess strategy.

How to Play Antichess

  • The board is set up and the pieces move the same as in regular chess
  • If there is a piece you can capture, then you must capture it
  • If there are multiple pieces you can capture, then you get to choose which piece you capture on your turn
  • Kings can be captured – there is no check or checkmate
  • Pawns can be promoted to any piece, including kings
  • Castling is not allowed
  • You win by losing all of your pieces
  • In the case of a stalemate, the player with fewer pieces wins

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