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Dock Your Flying Saucer Game

About Dock Your Flying Saucer Game

Dock Your Flying Saucer Game is a good game for indoors or out. If it is windy, it is a lot more challenging outdoors.

The idea is to put the flying saucer (a Frisbee) in its space dock (a box). Use this game at a space themed den or pack meeting.

It is also game which works well in a camp setting because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or setup. Chances are you have some sort of box with you. And there is almost always a few frisbees at camp.

Dock Your Flying Saucer Game

This is an easy game which you can play with some things you probably have around camp anyway.


  • Frisbees
  • A box large enough to hold the Frisbees
  • A piece of rope to mark the starting line.


  • none


  • Mark off a starting line with the rope. Place the box about 10 feet away from the starting line.

Game Play

  • Divide the Scouts into two teams.
  • Give each team a Frisbee.
  • The first Scout on the team stands behind the starting line and tries to toss the Frisbee into the box.
  • If the Frisbee landed in the box, he retrieves it and gives it to the next Scout on his team. If it doesn’t land in the box, he retrieves it and continues to try again until he gets it in the box.
  • The first team to successfully have all its members dock their flying saucers wins.

Notes for Dock Your Flying Saucer Game

You might want to put an upper limit on how many tosses each Scout has to do in case you have some Scouts who aren’t very good at tossing a Frisbee. For example, after 10 tosses, they can pass it on to the next member of their team whether they landed it in the box or not.

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