The Versatile Frisbee

We all know that tossing a frisbee around is a great way to relax at camp. But did you know that many experienced campers have found other great uses for the plastic flying disk? Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Play frisbee – of course!
  • Frisbee golf.
  • Ultimate.
  • Frisbees make great trays for carrying small rocks, leaves, and other great finds. If you are lucky enough to find a berry bush, collect berries in your frisbee.
  • Do you need to fan a fire to reignite some embers? Use your frisbee!
  • It makes a great “tinder holder” when building a fire.
  • Are you having a camp meal for a crowd and using paper plates? Those with frisbees will find that these make great plate holders.
  • Need to scoop something? Frisbee to the rescue!
  • Use it to cover your head during an unexpected rain!
  • A clean frisbee can be used to serve slices of cheese or cookies.

Have a great use for the flying disc at camp? Add it to the comments below.

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One response to “The Versatile Frisbee”

  1. Sue Nickelson Avatar
    Sue Nickelson

    My husband is the Cubmaster of Pack 512. The theme for April is “Resourcefulness”. Do you have any wonderful ideas to have the Scouts do at the Pack Meeting this month? Any would be appreciated.

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