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Who Am I? Game

Who Am I? is a game were players are given an identity, but they don’t know what it is? Everyone else does know. So they ask each other questions to try to figure out who they are.

How to Play Who Am I?


  • post-it notes
  • pencils


  1. Agree on a theme for famous “people” such as superheroes, or presidents, or cartoon characters, or celebrities, or …
  2. Each person should write down a person from that category on a Post-It note, taking care that the other players can’t see who they wrote down.
  3. Each person passes the Post-It with the name they wrote down to the person on their left, taking care that the person doesn’t see the name on it.
  4. The players all put their
  5. Post-It notes on their foreheads. So the other players know their identity, but they do not.
  6. Each player takes a turn asking a yes or no question about who they are. The other players answer, but they can only reply “yes” or “no”. Players must answer as honestly as they can.
  7. When a person thinks they know who they are, they may say “I am …” instead of asking a question. But if they are incorrect, they do not get to ask another question.
  8. The first person to correctly state his or her identity wins.

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