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A Prayer for Scouts by Lord Baden-Powell

This prayer for Scouts is attributed to Lord Baden-Powell himself. I have some doubts about whether he actually wrote this entire prayer or not, since the Scout Law written by Baden-Powell is not exactly the same as the Scout Law used by the BSA.  (See more about the Scout Law.)

Nevertheless, B-P clearly believed that faith was an important component of his Scouting program. So while Scouting is not specific to any particular faith, there is a spiritual aspect to it. This prayer for Scouts, based on the Scout Law, would be appropriate for most groups of Scouts.

The Role of Faith in Scouting

Scouting is more than just camping and badges; it’s also about growing on the inside. Lord Baden-Powell, who started Scouting, believed that being spiritually strong is just as important as being physically strong. He wanted all Scouts to grow their faith, no matter what that faith might be. This is because Scouting is for everyone, no matter what religion they believe in.

Baden-Powell thought that every Scout should have the chance to explore their spiritual side. This helps Scouts become better people, showing kindness, respect, and understanding towards others. It’s like how every different kind of flower makes a garden more beautiful; every Scout’s faith makes the Scouting community stronger and more colorful.

This big idea of including everyone fits perfectly with what Scouting is all about. Scouts from all over the world, with different beliefs and backgrounds, come together. They share adventures, learn from each other, and build friendships. This shows how Scouting helps make the world a better place by teaching us to respect and care for one another, no matter where we come from or what we believe in. So this Prayer for Scouts fits in with Lord Baden-Powell’s priorities, even if he didn’t write it.

A Prayer for Scouts

Our Father, make us Trustworthy, for there are those who trust us.

Make us Loyal, for through loyalty we reach our highest ideals.

Teach us to be Helpful, for through helpfulness do we forget our selfness.

Make us Friendly, for there are so many who need a friend.

Train us in Courtesy, for courtesy is the carpet on life’s floor.

Make us kind for kindness is the oil in the cogs of life’s machinery.

Insist upon our Obedience, for victory comes only to him who obeys.

Make us Cheerful, for cheerfulness is the green grass among the rocks in the path of life.

Train us in Thrift, for thrifty habits brighten our future.

Make us Brave; brave in the dark and brave in the light; but save us from becoming fakers in bravery.

Help us to be Clean – clean in thoughts, in speech, and in deed. And may we remember that our bodies are Thy holy temples, and that any abuse thereof is to tamper with Thy Great Plans.

Above all, O God, help us to be Reverent toward all things which Thou hast made for our enjoyment when we are in Thy great out-of-doors, among the trees, along the streams, and on the Hillsides. May we know it was Thee who made the waters to flow, the trees to reach heavenward, the mountains to endure to all ages.

In all these things we ask that Thou wilt help us. And may we never forget the Scout Oath to which we all have pledged ourselves, so that through Thy help we may live these points of our Scout Law.


The Significance of Each Point of the Scout Law in the Prayer for Scouts

The Scout Law

A Scout is:
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
Brave, Clean, Reverent.

The prayer for Scouts is more than just words; it’s a guide to living a meaningful life. Each line in the prayer for Scouts teaches us a valuable lesson about how to be our best selves.

Trustworthy: Being trustworthy is like being a solid rock that friends can always lean on. In Scouting, being someone others can trust is crucial. Whether you’re on a hike or working on a project, everyone needs to know they can count on you. The prayer for Scouts reminds us to be reliable, a foundation of trust in all our actions and relationships.

Loyal: Loyalty means sticking with your friends, family, and Scout troop, even when things get tough. It’s about working together towards common goals and supporting each other. The prayer for Scouts asks us to be loyal because, through loyalty, we reach our highest dreams and strengthen the ties that bind us.

Helpful: The prayer for Scouts tells us to be helpful, to look out for ways to assist others without thinking of ourselves. This selflessness is at the heart of Scouting, encouraging us to lend a hand wherever it’s needed, making our communities and the world a better place.

Friendly: Friendship is a treasure, and the prayer for Scouts encourages us to be a friend to all. Being friendly opens doors to new adventures and bonds that last a lifetime. It’s about welcoming everyone into the Scouting family and making sure no one feels left out.

Courteous: Courtesy is like a key that opens hearts. The prayer for Scouts teaches us to be polite and respectful, making everyone feel valued and respected. It’s the small acts of kindness, like saying “please” and “thank you,” that make a big difference.

Kind: Kindness smoothens out life’s bumps, making tough times easier to bear. The prayer for Scouts highlights how being kind can change someone’s day from cloudy to sunny. It’s about showing care and compassion, making the world a kinder place for everyone.

Obedient: Following rules might not always seem fun, but the prayer for Scouts shows us that obedience is about discipline and respect. It keeps us safe and ensures we’re all playing by the same rules, helping us achieve our goals and work well together.

Cheerful: A smile is contagious, and being cheerful can help us and others overcome challenges. The prayer for Scouts encourages us to find joy even in tough situations, spreading cheer and positivity that can light up the darkest paths.

Thrifty: Being thrifty is about being smart with our resources, saving for the future, and taking care of our planet. The prayer for Scouts teaches us to think about tomorrow and make choices that will help us and the world in the long run.

Brave: True bravery isn’t about being fearless; it’s about facing our fears and standing up for what’s right. The prayer for Scouts calls us to be brave in every aspect of our lives, showing courage in both small and big ways.

Clean: Keeping our thoughts, words, and deeds pure, and treating our bodies with respect, is a sign of self-respect and honor. The prayer for Scouts reminds us to live clean lives, showing respect for ourselves and the world around us.

Reverent: Finally, the prayer for Scouts asks us to be reverent, to appreciate the beauty of nature and the world. It’s about seeing the divine in the outdoors and respecting all creations. This reverence connects us to something larger than ourselves, enriching our Scouting journey and our lives.

Each virtue in the prayer for Scouts is a step towards becoming a better person, showing us how to live with honor, respect, and love for others and the world.

More Resources

Scout Law Prayer

Scout Law Prayer

The Scout Law Prayer, much like the Prayer for Scouts, weaves the fundamental Scout Law into a request for guidance and strength. It asks for the courage to embody virtues such as trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, and kindness, even when faced with challenges or when others falter. This prayer serves as a reminder to Scouts to lead by example, to be beacons of positivity and integrity in their communities. It encourages Scouts to not only remember the lessons learned through Scouting but to live them out each day, embodying the ideals that make a true Scout and inspiring others along the way.

prayers and graces

More Prayers

It’s evident that spirituality and reverence play a pivotal role in the Scouting experience. These prayers, including the Prayer for Scouts, enrich the Scouting journey by fostering a sense of gratitude, reflection, and a deeper connection to the values embodied in the Scout Law. They serve as reminders for Scouts to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, the importance of community, and the spiritual dimensions of their adventures and daily actions, guiding them to live out the principles of Scouting in every aspect of their lives.

How the Scout Law Compares to the Ten Commandments

The link between the Scout Law and the Ten Commandments underscores a shared foundation of ethics and morality that echoes the spirit of the Prayer for Scouts. This connection highlights how Scouting principles are not just guidelines for outdoor adventures but are deeply intertwined with universal values found in religious teachings. The Prayer for Scouts amplifies this harmony by encouraging Scouts to embody virtues like trustworthiness, kindness, and reverence, akin to the moral imperatives of the Ten Commandments. It illustrates how Scouting’s values transcend activities, fostering a comprehensive character development that aligns with broader spiritual and moral convictions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Prayer for Scouts

What is the Prayer for Scouts?

The Prayer for Scouts is an invocation that reflects the principles and values of Scouting, inspired by the Scout Law. It’s a call to embody virtues such as trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, and reverence, encouraging Scouts to live these values in their daily lives.

Who wrote the Prayer for Scouts?

The Prayer for Scouts is sometimes attributed to Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement. While there is some debate about whether he wrote the entire prayer, its themes align closely with his vision for Scouting as a program that supports the development of young people in all areas of life, including their spiritual growth.

Is the Prayer for Scouts specific to any one religion?

No, the Prayer for Scouts is not specific to any one religion. Scouting is inclusive and welcomes members from all faith backgrounds. The prayer is written in a way that it can be embraced by Scouts of different religions, reflecting the universal values found in the Scout Law.

How can the Prayer for Scouts be used in Scouting activities?

The Prayer for Scouts can be used in various ways, such as during Scout meetings, at the start or end of camping trips, in ceremonies, Scout’s Own services, or at any event where reflection and reaffirmation of Scouting values are encouraged. It serves as a reminder of the virtues Scouts strive to live by.

Can non-Scouts find value in the Prayer for Scouts?

Absolutely. While the Prayer for Scouts is rooted in the principles of Scouting, its message of integrity, kindness, and respect for the natural world is universal. Anyone, whether involved in Scouting or not, can find inspiration in its call to live a life guided by these important values.

Does the Prayer for Scouts replace religious practices within Scouting?

No, the Prayer for Scouts does not replace religious practices. It complements the spiritual aspect of Scouting, which respects and accommodates the diverse religious beliefs of its members. Scouts are encouraged to practice their own faiths while finding common ground in the shared values highlighted in the prayer.

How does the Prayer for Scouts align with the Scout Law?

The Prayer for Scouts aligns closely with the Scout Law by highlighting virtues that Scouts pledge to uphold, such as being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and reverent. The prayer provides a spiritual context for these values, encouraging Scouts to reflect on how they can embody these principles in their daily actions and interactions.

The Heartbeat of Scouting

As we’ve explored the Prayer for Scouts, it’s clear that this special prayer is more than just words we say; it’s a blueprint for how to live our lives as Scouts and as caring individuals in the world. Each virtue in the prayer—like being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and kind—teaches us important lessons about how to treat others and how to be our best selves.

The Prayer for Scouts isn’t just for Scouts or people of a certain religion. It’s a universal message that anyone can follow, no matter where they come from or what they believe in. It encourages us to be brave, to look out for each other, and to respect the beautiful world around us.

Remember, Scouting is about bringing people together, learning new skills, and making the world a better place. The Prayer for Scouts helps us keep these goals in our hearts and minds, guiding us like a compass on our Scouting journey.

So, whether you’re sitting around a campfire under the stars, working on a project with your troop, or facing a challenge, think about the words of the Prayer for Scouts. Let it inspire you to be the best Scout—and the best person—you can be. After all, the values it teaches are the heartbeat of Scouting, keeping us connected and helping us to grow stronger together.


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