My Tiger Jungle Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

A young boy looking at flowers with a magnifying glass and an image of the My Tiger Jungle Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

For the My Tiger Jungle Adventure, Cub Scouts get outside. They take a short walk and observe insects, birds, and other wildlife. They also plant a tree or make a birdhouse.

Resources for Tiger Den Leaders and Parents

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – My Tiger Jungle: Birds

This Tiger den meeting plan covers the requirements for the My Tiger Jungle adventure. The focus of this meeting is birds!

Gourd Birdhouse

Use dried gourds to make a birdhouse. If you didn’t grow any yourself, you can probably find some in your area at a farmer’s market or even a craft shop.

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award recognizes Cub Scouts who have made the most of the outdoor adventures available to them.

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