Won’t You Smile Game

Wont You Smile Game

In the Won’t You Smile game one person tries to make someone else in the group smile. Everyone else must keep a straight face.

I’ve really been impressed with our Venturing Crew president. She really enjoys doing team building games at the meetings and she is good at leading them. When she first explained this game to the group, I didn’t think it sounded like much, but they have played it several times since then. I think she got it out of the Venturing leader’s manual.

This just goes to show why youth leadership is so important in Scouts BSA Troops and Venturing Crews. I don’t think I would have picked this game for the group, but they really enjoy it. The youth leaders  know what is fun and that is what makes a successful program.

Won’t You Smile Game


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  • Have everyone sit in a circle.
  • Choose somebody to be It. That person sits in the middle.
  • The person who is It goes and sits in front of one of the others, says, the person’s name and then says “If you love me, won’t you please, please smile.”
  • The person who It spoke to must respond “You know I love you, but I just can’t smile.” If they smile while saying this, they are It. Otherwise, It must try again with another person.


The person who is It can make funny faces or gestures, but both people must stick to the wording.






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