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Jack Rabbit Posing Game

Our Crew president led this jack rabbit posing game at our last meeting. It is a fun game for teenagers, but would work for other age groups also. The idea of this game is to remember different poses and to strike the correct pose quickly.

There are lots more possible poses, but I can’t remember all of the ones I have seen. Add your own to the comments.

How to Play Jack Rabbit Posing Game

Have everyone stand in a circle with one person (the leader) in the middle. The leaders points to a person in the circle and that person, along with the person to the left and the person to the right, must strike a pose named by the leader. If they don’t do the pose in three seconds, then the person who was pointed to goes to the middle of the circle and becomes the leader.

Start with three possible poses. As the players learn to do those quickly, add more to make it more confusing.

Poses for Jack Rabbit Posing Game

Jack Rabbit

The center person makes bunny ears with their hands. The people on either side thump their outside feet like a rabbit.

Washing machine

The people on either side use their arms to form a circle around the middle person. The middle person spins around in a circle.

Palm tree

The middle person puts his arms up in the air. The side people become coconuts by crouching on the ground.

Charlies Angels

All three do the Charlies Angels pose

Chicken in a hut

The middle person squats down and the people on the sides put their arms out straight to form a roof on top.

Car wash

The person in the middle puts his arms out over the side people. They spin around like rollers in a car wash.


The people on the sides stand with their arms at their sides. The person in the middle jumps up.


The person in the middle makes a beak with his hands. The people on the sides flap their outer arms up and down.


The person in the center makes a trunk with his arm. The side people use an arm to make a flopping ear.


The middle person operates the controls. The side people form flying wings with their arms.


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