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Designed to Crunch Scouts BSA Nova Award (Mathematics) Helps and Documents

Designed to Crunch is the Scouts BSA Nova Award for mathematics. To earn this award, Scouts must complete one of their mathematics related merit badges and learn about related topics such as calculating horsepower, statistics for athletics events, and star counts.

This award can be earned by young men and women who are members of Scouts BSA.

Personal Management Merit Badge

Personal Management

Scouts learn to manage their time, treasure, and talents. They investigate different aspects of saving money and investing. They learn time management techniques.

chess merit badge


Scouts develop their critical thinking and strategy skills. They learn the history of chess, and chess notation. Scouts familiarize themselves with the tactics, board, pieces, and moves.

American Business

Scouts learn about the free enterprise system, banks, interest rates, profits, labor relations, and more. They explore the challenges and rewards of building a business.

Digital Technology

Scouts learn how digital information is stored and transmitted. They explore how digital technology has changed over the years. They also investigate the practical aspects of digital technology and explore careers in the field.


Scouts will learn how to make drawings which convey the visions of engineers and architects. They will do manual drawings, computer aided design (CAD), and lettering.


Scouts learn about starting their own business. They investigate the demand for and possible compensation for a product or service. Then they come up with ways to promote their business. Finally, they get their business up and running.


Scouts learn to navigate with a map and compass. They investigate what the various symbols and markings on a map represent. And they get to participate in orienteering events.


Scouts discover the world of broadcast radio and hobby radio. They learn how radio waves make it possible for people around the world to communicate. Scouts learn about the different components in a radio.

Signs, Signals, and Codes

Scouts learn about various methods of communications, including distress signals, Morse code, sign language, braille, and semaphore. They also explore maps, text message symbols, and emojis.


Scouts mark and record land boundaries. They learn how distance is measured with traditional equipment and with GPS.


Scouts learn about meteorology. They learn about weather hazards, high and low pressure systems, the science of weather, and the water cycle. They explore climates and the way humans alter their environment

More Scouts BSA Nova Awards and Supernova Awards

Nova Awards are the BSA Awards focused on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Supernova Awards recognize young men and women in Scouts BSA who go further in their STEM explorations.


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