Bear Claws Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Documents

A girl whittling on a stick and an image of the Bear Claws Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

Bear Claws  is one of the Bear required adventures   For this adventure, Bears learn how to use their pocketknives safely and carve a couple of items.

Resources for Bear Den Leaders and Parents

Start whittling with these related ideas and achievements:

Bear Den Meeting Plan – Bear Claws: Pocketknife Safety and Soap Carving

This Bear den meeting plan covers most of the three requirements for the Bear Claws adventure. Bear Claws is all about pocketknives and whittling.

Whittling Chip Certification

When a Cub Scout earns his or her Whittling Chip, that means he or she is ready to handle a knife safely. See the requirements.

Make a Fake Pocket Knife for Safety Demonstrations

When discussing pocket knife safety with Cub Scouts, they demonstrated their safety knowledge with a fake pocket knife made from cardboard.

Make a Fuzz Stick

A fuzz stick is a fire starting aid and a good way to practice knife skills. A fuzz stick is a stick which has been shaved on the side, leaving thin scraps of wood. These scraps catch fire easily, which helps get your fire going.

Hiking Stick Project

Cub Scouts love to get their pocketknives out and strip bark from fallen sticks. Why not make it into a hiking stick project?

Whittling Chip Card Corners

A reader asks about cutting the corners from a Whittling Chip card when the owner commits a safety infraction. What are the rules for this? Read my answer.

How To Treat a Knife Cut

What is the best way to treat a knife cut? This article explains how to stop the bleeding, clean the cut, and dress the wound.

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