Wolf Paws of Skill Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Wolf Paws of Skill Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Paws of Skill is one of the Wolf Cub Scout elective adventures. For this adventure, Wolves learn about sportsmanship and using sports to stay physically fit.


Resources for Wolf Den Leaders and Parents

Be a good sport with these related ideas and achievements:

What is Good Sportsmanship?

Here are some talking points to help with requirement 5. It gives five aspects of good sportsmanship for Cub Scouts to focus on when they are playing together.

Swing! Cub Scout Nova Award (Engineering) STEM Award

Paws of Skill is one of the adventures which can be completed as a requirement for the Swing! Nova Award. This STEM award focuses on forces and movement, which can be related to many sports.

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