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Product Review: Flowfold Optimist Mini Backpack

The nice folks at Flowfold sent me one of their Optimist Mini Backpacks for review.  This is a 10L backpack and is just the right size for a day pack. I used it over the weekend at a youth camp where the buildings were very spread out and I wanted to be able to keep a few things with me all day.

The backpack is lightweight and comfortable. I was able to adjust the straps easily. I’d say I have a medium sized frame for a woman and after adjustment there was still plenty of space to increase or decrease the length of the straps.

The pack seems well constructed. I didn’t see any flaws with the stitching or zippers. It claims to be water repellent. I did not take it fishing or on a float trip, but I can say that we had some light drizzle one morning and the contents of the pack stayed dry.

My favorite thing about the pack was the size. It has a main compartment and a smaller stash pocket on the outside. I used the stash pocket for my cell phone, lip balm, hand lotion, flashlight, and a couple of other small items. In the main compartment I kept my umbrella, tablet, a couple of pieces of fruit, some granola bars, my water bottle, charger cables, and the like. At one point I had a shirt folded up in there also. There was plenty of room, but it did not feel bulky at all when I had it on.

Overall, I recommend this item as a day pack for camp, hiking, biking, canoeing, or touring the city.  The comfort of the fit and the size of the backpack make it ideal for this type of activity.


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