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Your Vote Counts Cub Scout Theme (Citizenship)

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Your Vote Counts. The Your Vote Counts meeting plan features ideas for the value of citizenship – games, group activities, songs, and more.

Here is how the BSA plan suggests tying together this theme with the value of  citizenship:

Patriotism is an important part of good citizenship. Patriotism is love of and loyalty to our country. It involves honoring the democratic ideals on which this country is based and respecting and obeying its laws. It also involves accepting the responsibilities of good citizenship, such as staying informed about national issues, voting, and volunteering. We don’t often think about teaching our Cub Scouts about voting because of their age and the fact that it will be many years before they can vote. We can, however, explain the importance of voting. If we mentor them by our actions, then the responsibility of good citizenship by voting will become more meaningful as they grow

Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan for Your Vote Counts (Citizenship)

This Cub Scout Your Vote Counts pack meeting plan includes the following – all within a citizenship theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activity – Snack choice voting booth
  • Opening ceremony – “Good Citizen” Opening Ceremony
  • Citizenship Prayer
  • Constitution cheer, America cheer, Blue and Gold cheer, Eagle cheer
  • Liberty Bell, Eagle, Founding Fathers game (a variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors)

  • Stars and Stripes Sticks Game
  • Song – The Star-Spangled Banner
  • Activity – Den Demonstrations, Preamble to the Constitution in sign language
  • Constitution, Recognition Ceremony
  • America Promises Cubmaster Minute
  • “I Will Use” Closing Ceremony

Fifty Great States Theme (Citizenship)

This is an older Cub Scout pack meeting plan related to citizenship. The Fifty Great States meeting plan features games, group activities, songs, and more. “Cub Scouts develop good citizenship skills when they learn about respecting the flag and providing service to the community.”

USA Cub Scout Theme

Teaching citizenship is one of the Aims of Scouting. So here are some ideas for promoting knowledge of the United States of America and encouraging participatory citizenship.

Stars and Stripes Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

” The flag of our country is more than a something. The flag is a symbol of our living country and itself is considered a living thing. When you show respect for the flag, you are showing respect for all it represents.”

Ideas for Cub Scout Pack Meeting on Citizenship

One of the Aims of Scouting is to teach Cub Scouts about citizenship. “Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities. Cub Scouts develop good citizenship when they are learning about respecting the flag and providing service to the community.”

Another Citizenship Pack Meeting Plan

A Citizenship-themed Pack meeting need not be boring. Add a little fun to your teaching, and good luck!

Cub Scout City Council

Also check out this Cub Scout City Council theme.


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