Candy Corn for Halloween

Crew Costume Party


Our Venture Crew is having a costume party tonight. JD is responsible for planning the activities. I’ve asked him for a general idea of what will be happening. This is his plan:

The first half hour will be setup. They will decorate the room.

Since the Crew has been recruiting lately, they are going to start with a couple of icebreakers:

Then they will move on to some Halloween party games appropriate for teens. Here are a few he is doing:

  • Halloween charades – this is just charades with Halloween words or phrases
  • Bobbing for Worms – put a gummy worm on a plate and cover with canned whipped cream. The player must get the worm out without using her hands.
  • Apple Push – a relay pushing apples along the floor with their noses
  • Scary Scene – Divide into teams of about 6 each and give each team a bag with a few random props (banana,  doll,  hat, ruler, etc.) . They must use the props to come up with a frozen pose of a  scary scene.  This is a great photo op.

Next they are going to hold some votes on the costumes. They are going to have various categories:

  • Most elaborate
  • Scariest
  • Most “homemade”
  • Funniest
  • etc.

Then they will just have some time to socialize. JD asked them to bring snacks, desserts, or drinks based on their last name. They are also going to set up the Wii with a projector and mat for Dance Dance Revolution. I think that’s a pretty good idea. It will give the quieter kids who aren’t comfortable just standing around gabbing something to do. Even if they don’t dance, that game seems to attract kids to gather round and watch.

Finally, they are going to spend the last part of the party cleaning up the meeting space. These are teenagers, so they should definitely be responsible for making sure the meeting room looks as good or better than when they arrived.

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