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Tag: Recipes

  • Turkey Treat Cupcakes

    Turkey Treat Cupcakes

    Here’s a fun dessert to make with your kids this time of year. Use it to fulfill Bear Achivement 9 (What’s Cooking) requirement f: “With an adult, make a dessert for your family” or just for fun at a den meeting.

  • Halloween Craft, Snack, and Game Ideas

    Halloween Craft, Snack, and Game Ideas

    Craft, game, and snack ideas for your Halloween party or meeting. While some work best for younger kids, others are also appropriate for the older Scouts.

  • Rice Crispy Treat Trees Recipe

    Rice Crispy Treat Trees Recipe

    If you are doing something related to forestry, you can make these tree shaped snacks to go with the theme. Or make them for something related to family trees.

  • Astronaut Pudding Recipe

    Astronaut Pudding Recipe

    This is a fun, simple snack for Cub Scouts. It can be a little messy, so when I did this with ZM’s den we went outside. This makes a great snack for any space themed meeting.

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