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Category: Aims and Methods of Scouting

  • Cave Exploring Elective

    Cave Exploring Elective

    To earn the Cave Exploring elective for the Venturing Ranger award, Venturers must learn about caving and the skills needed to explore caves. Then they must explore a cave and share their knowledge with others.

  • Webelos Walkabout Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

    Webelos Walkabout Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

    Webelos Walkabout is one of the Webelos required adventures. For this adventure, Webelos plan and carry out a three mile hike and complete a service project.

  • The 3 R’s of Personal Safety and Protection

    The 3 R’s of Personal Safety and Protection

    Talking with youth about personal safety is important. BSA requires discussion of personal safety throughout it’s programs. We don’t want to scare youth, but they should know what to do if they feel uncomfortable in a situation. The Three R’s of personal safety should be a part of that discussion.

  • Genealogy Merit Badge

    Genealogy Merit Badge

    Scouts working on the Genealogy merit badge learn about their family heritage. They explore the many ways to research information about their ancestors and where they came from. Scouts will appreciate their family history and learn how this can lead them to delve deeper into their cultural roots.

  • Bear Roaring Laughter Adventure

    Bear Roaring Laughter Adventure

    For the Roaring Laughter adventure, Bears learn about humor and the art of making others laugh. The learn some tongue-tweeters, do some run-ons, create mad-libs, tell jokes and more.

  • Games for Scouts

    Games for Scouts

    Games promote team building, cooperation, and friendly competition. Active games also promote the BSA aim of personal fitness. Do you have a game that you would like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.