Marbles Terminology

One game which is fun for kids to learn is marbles. My sons have marbles and they play against each other. All you need is a shooter, some marbles, and a piece of chalk to draw the ring on the driveway.

To explain how to play marbles, you should know the terminology. I have defined some of the most basic terms below.

Marbles Terminology

  • Marbles – Regular sized marbles
  • Shooter (or taw) – A larger marble used to shoot at the marbles.
  • Ring – The playing field
  • Shot – Using your thumb to launch the shooter from your hand.
  • Knuckling Down – The position of the hand during a shot. At least one knuckle must remain on the ground until the shooter leaves the hand.
  • A Hit – When a marble is shot out of the ring.
  • A Miss – When no marbles are shot out of the ring.
  • Circling – Moving around the ring to find the best position for the shot.
  • Bowling – When the shooter moves along the ground during a shot.
  • Lofting – When the shooter goes in the air during a shot.
  • Playing for Keeps – When the game is over, each player gets to keep the marbles he shot out of the ring.
  • Playing for Fair – When the game is over, the players get their marbles back. The game is just played for fun rather than to gain marbles.
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