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Red Light Green Light

About Red Light Green Light

When working with Cub Scouts, remember KISMIF – Keep It Simple. Make It Fun.  Sometimes we come up with elaborate or complicated plans when our young Scouts would really be just as happy with something simple.

Red Light Green Light is a great example of this. It is simple and requires no preparation or materials. My Cub Scouts always enjoy these “classic” playground games. And surprisingly, you might find one or two in your den who have never played it.

This would go well with any “travel” themed meeting. Most of you will know how to play this game, but here are the instructions just in case.

How to Play Red Light Green Light


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  1. Choose somebody to be “It”. The person who is It is the Traffic Light.
  2. Everyone else should start in a line about 20 feet away from the Traffic Light.
  3. The Traffic Light should face with his back to the group and shout “Green Light”. Everyone can start running toward the Traffic Light.
  4. The Traffic Light shouts “Red Light” and faces the group. Anyone the Traffic Light catches still running is out.
  5. The Traffic Light continues to alternate turning away from the group and shouting “Green Light” and turning toward the group and shouting “Red Light”, with anyone getting caught running on a red light being out.
  6. The first person to tag the Traffic Light wins and gets to be Traffic Light for the next round.


  • There are many local variations of this game. Make sure everyone agrees on the rules before you start.
  • Don’t run to fast or you won’t be able to stop when the Traffic Light says “Red Light”.
  • The Traffic Light must completely say “Red Light” before turning around. This gives everyone a second to stop.

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