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Arrow of Light Citizenship Adventure for 2024

The Arrow of Light Citizenship adventure is a key part of the Cub Scouts program. It teaches young scouts about the importance of helping others in their community. This adventure encourages scouts to learn by doing. They participate in projects that benefit their local area, which teaches them about responsibility and teamwork.

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Working on this adventure helps Arrow of Light Scouts to understand how they can contribute positively to their community. It shows them that even small actions can make a big difference. Scouts learn to plan and carry out service projects safely, using skills that will help them throughout their lives.

The focus of the adventure is not just on doing a service project but also on understanding the role of a good citizen. Scouts discuss and explore what it means to be helpful and considerate to others. This helps them to develop a sense of belonging and an understanding of their part in the community.

By participating in the Citizenship adventure, Cub Scouts develop important life skills. They learn how to work as a team, solve problems, and complete projects that help others. These experiences prepare them for future challenges and opportunities to give back as they grow.

Citizenship Adventure Requirements

Citizenship Adventure Requirements

  1. Identify a community service project that your patrol or pack could accomplish.  Use the BSA SAFE Checklist and develop a plan to conduct the service project safely.
  2. Participate in a service project for a minimum of 2 hours or multiple service projects for a total of 2 hours.

Resources for the Arrow of Light Citizenship Adventure

Planning a Service Project

Identify a community service project that your patrol or pack could accomplish.  Use the BSA SAFE Checklist and develop a plan to conduct the service project safely.

For requirement 1 of the Arrow of Light Citizenship adventure, Cub Scouts need to choose a community service project for their patrol or pack. Here’s a simple guide for your Scouts:

  1. Choose a Project: Think about what your community needs. It could be cleaning a park, planting trees, or collecting food for a food bank. Pick something that your scouts can do and that will help others.
  2. Use the BSA SAFE Checklist: Safety is very important. The BSA SAFE Checklist helps you plan your project safely. It covers important things like having the right tools, knowing first aid, and making sure everyone knows what to do.
  3. Plan the Project: Write down the steps you need to complete your project. Decide who will do each task and what tools or materials you will need. Set a date and a backup date in case of bad weather.
  4. Get Approval: Share your plan with a leader in your pack or another adult. They can help you make sure it’s safe and a good choice for your group.

By following these steps, Arrow of Light Scouts can safely and successfully complete a community service project and meet the requirement for the Citizenship adventure.

Here is an option for fulfilling Arrow of Light Citizenship Adventure requirement 1:

Service Projects

Participate in a service project for a minimum of 2 hours or multiple service projects for a total of 2 hours.

For requirement 2 of the Arrow of Light Citizenship adventure, Scouts need to participate in a service project for at least 2 hours. This can be one big project or several smaller ones that add up to 2 hours. Here are some simple service project ideas that Arrow of Light Scouts can take part in:

  • Park Cleanup: Gather your scouts to clean up litter in a local park. Bring bags for trash and recycling.
  • Food Drive: Organize a food drive. Collect non-perishable food items from your community and donate them to a local food pantry.
  • Community Garden: Help in a community garden. Plant new flowers or vegetables, or help clean and maintain the garden.
  • Assist Elderly Neighbors: Offer to do yard work or other helpful tasks for elderly neighbors who might need assistance.
  • Letter Writing: Write thank you letters to healthcare workers, police officers, or teachers in your community to show appreciation for their hard work.
  • Animal Shelter Help: Collect supplies like blankets, food, and toys for animals at a local shelter. You might also be able to help clean cages or play with the animals.
  • Book Drive: Organize a book drive to collect books for a local library, school, or children’s hospital.
  • Trail Maintenance: Work with local parks to clear trails, repaint trail markers, or repair benches and signs.
  • Beautification Projects: Plant trees or flowers in public spaces like schools, libraries, or roadside areas.
  • School Supplies Drive: Collect new or gently used school supplies for students in need at local schools.
  • Holiday Cards: Make holiday cards for residents of nursing homes or hospitals.
  • Public Library Assistance: Help organize books, assist with events, or clean up at your local library.
  • Community Events: Volunteer to help set up, clean up, or run activities at community events like fairs or festivals.
  • Recycling Drive: Organize a drive to collect items like batteries, electronics, or plastics that need special handling for recycling.
  • Waterway Cleanup: Clean up local rivers, lakes, or beaches. Collect trash and debris to help protect wildlife and the environment.
  • Clothing Drive: Collect and donate gently worn clothes to a shelter or charitable organization.
  • Support for First Responders: Create appreciation bags with snacks, drinks, and thank you notes for firefighters, police officers, and EMTs.

Here is an option for fulfilling Arrow of Light Citizenship Adventure requirement 2:

Choose a project that interests your scouts and fits the needs of your community. Make sure everyone participates and tracks their time to reach the 2-hour minimum.

scouts and service projects

Service Project Ideas

For those leading the Arrow of Light Citizenship adventure, check out my resource on service projects. It offers a variety of project ideas that fit well with the goals of the Citizenship adventure. This guide helps you understand how to choose, plan, and carry out service projects that engage Scouts and benefit the community. It’s a great tool for making your adventure successful and meaningful.

Safety Resources

Before any activity, check the SAFE Checklist to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone involved in Scouting America activities should know the Guide to Safe Scouting and other relevant guides or books. Also follow any state or local rules that are more strict than Scouting America rules and guidelines.

Before starting this Adventure, complete the following:

During the Adventure:

  • Allow time to train all youth and adults on how to use the tools properly.
  • Ensure continuous, qualified adult supervision during the project.
  • Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and age or skill restrictions. If there is a conflict, follow the strictest guidelines.

More information

Frequently Asked Questions for the Arrow of Light Citizenship Adventure

What is the purpose of the Arrow of Light Citizenship adventure?

The Citizenship adventure helps Scouts learn about helping their community. It teaches them to be good citizens by taking part in service projects.

Can we combine different small projects to meet the 2-hour requirement?

Yes, you can combine different smaller projects as long as they add up to at least 2 hours.

What should we consider when choosing a service project?

Choose a project that meets a real need in the community and that your Scouts can safely and effectively help with. Also, make sure it’s something that interests them.

Do Scouts need approval for service projects?

Yes, Cub Scouts should always get your service project plan approved by a leader in your pack to ensure it is safe and appropriate.

How can we use the BSA SAFE Checklist for our project?

The BSA SAFE Checklist will guide you through important safety considerations like supervision, first aid, and proper equipment. Use it to plan your project and make sure all safety measures are in place.

What if we need more than one day to complete our project?

It’s okay to spread the project over more than one day. Just keep track of all the hours spent working on the project to make sure you meet the 2-hour total.

Can the service project be part of a larger community event?

Yes, participating in a larger event is a great way to fulfill the service project requirement as long as Scouts are actively contributing to the community through your involvement.

Building Better Citizens Through Service

The Arrow of Light Citizenship adventure helps young people become better members of their community. This adventure teaches Scouts the importance of helping others and the positive impact they can have.

By taking part in service projects, Scouts not only help their community but also learn useful skills. They learn to plan, work as a team, and solve problems. These skills are important for school, future jobs, and everyday life. Doing service projects also teaches Scouts to keep helping others as they grow up.

This adventure also shows Scouts the joy of helping others. This can make them feel good about themselves and believe they can make a difference. By the end of the adventure, Scouts understand better what it means to be a good citizen.

Encourage your Scouts to take on this adventure with excitement. It’s a chance for them to grow, learn, and make a real difference. The lessons they learn will last long after their time in Cub Scouts, helping them become responsible, caring adults.


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