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Flip Out Card Game

Flip Out Card Game is a fast paced relay game. This works well for an inter-patrol activity for a Scouts BSA troop or a Venturing Crew icebreaker.

There is some teamwork and communication in this game. It has an element similar to concentration, so remembering which cards they have seen and where they are is helpful. But because Flip Out is played as a team, they will need to explain to the others where the card they are looking for is.

How to Play Flip Out Card Game


  • One deck of playing cards for every four teams


  • Separate the decks of cards into suits (13 in each suit). Shuffle each set of 13 cards so they are in random order.


  1. Divide the group into teams.
  2. Mark a start line and an end line. If your play area permits, make the end line a good distance away from the start so the players can run.
  3. Have each team line up a the start line.
  4. Place a set of 13 cards opposite each team at the end line. The cards should be spread out face down, similar to in the game of concentration. They should not be in a single stack.
  5. On the start signal, the first person from each team runs down to the cards and flips one over. If it is a 2, it stays face up. Any other card should be flipped back over to face down.
  6. That player runs back. They are only allowed to flip one card per turn.
  7. The next player runs down. If the 2 is not flipped over yet, they flip another single card, looking for the 2. If the 2 is already flipped over, they are looking for a 3. If they find the card they are looking for, they leave it face up. If not, they flip it back to face down.
  8. The relay continues, with each player trying to flip over the next card in the sequence which needs to be revealed.
  9. The first team to have all of their cards face up and all of their players back at the start line wins.

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