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Cyber Chip Program

These Personal Safety Awareness videos replace the Cyber Chip requirement for the Scout and Star ranks. Scouts are encouraged to inform their Parent or Guardian and unit leader before viewing the videos.  For the Scout rank, Scouts must view Digital Safety, Bullying, Abuse, and Youth Protection Policies.  For the Star rank, Scouts must view those four videos again, plus Persistence for Pictures, Grooming and Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse in the Family, and Friends Should Never Look the Other Way.

Cyber Chip Program

I see younger and younger children all the time with cell phones in their hands. And in many schools, computers are a tool just like a pencil or a notebook. So now more than ever we need to ensure that our kids use technology safely and for its intended purpose.

The BSA Cyber Chip program encourages Scouts to learn how to use their electronic devices safely. Some of the issues the program addresses are protecting personal information, cyber bullying, appropriate use of social media, cell phones, texting, and netiquette. There are different requirements for different age levels. This ensures that the program is appropriate and relevant to the Scouts working on it. See the specific grade level requirements below:

The program is available for all youth members of the BSA. There are patches, cards, and certificates for successful completion. Cub Scouts get a patch with blue highlights, while older Scouts get a patch with green highlights.

This program is offered in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. You can find the requirements and resources on the NetSmartz part of their website.


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  1. Bridget A. Avatar
    Bridget A.

    I actually hate the CyberChip program. It seems half-assed by BSA – “go to an outside website and poke around for some requirements and then report back to your Cyber Chip councellor that you completed what you think fulfills this step.” There really are no clear requirements for each grade, it seems up to each CyberChip councellor to figure out what to require to consider the CyberChip complete. Then, I hate that to complete the rank requirements, kids have to complete the CyberChip PLUS go over the phamplet with their parents – and they get one block in the book for both reqs, so half the time, one part is completed, and the kid has to complete the other part before that whole requirement can truly be signed off.

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