Sharing the Grocery Shopping Load

It’s always tough to get a new batch of scouts acclimated to the program. Grubmaster duty is one of the hardest things to convince the scouts and parents that they can do. Until recently, our patrol leaders just asked for volunteers to buy the food for their patrols for each outing. The result was that the same scouts were being grubmaster over and over. So the Committee recommended that the patrol leaders try to convince some of the other scouts to take a turn.

The only problem is that the new scouts and their parents (or the scouts who rarely camp) seem to balk at this. I think the problem is lack of camping experience and confidence. The troop leadership offers them as much help as they can, but it only seems fair that everyone takes a turn. Not only does it spread the work around, but I think it also makes everyone a little less critical when something goes wrong. If Johnny forgets to bring bacon for breakfast, maybe Billy will remember the time he forgot the hotdog buns and will be a little more understanding.

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