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Engineering Merit Badge Helps and Documents

Scouts who are working on the requirements for the Engineering merit badge learn about the process of building and creating products and structures. They investigate the variety of careers available in engineering. Scouts explore how engineers use a step-by-step approach to make improvements for society.

Printable requirements for Engineering Merit Badge

Printable checkoff sheet for all Scouts BSA merit badges

Design your own approach to the Engineering merit badge with these ideas and related achievements:

Egg Drop Challenge – An Engineering Project

In an egg drop challenge, Scouts try to design a container which can prevent an egg from breaking when dropped. This is an excellent project to get kids interested in science and engineering.

Engineering Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Engineering program feature teaches Scouts helps Scouts understand how problem solving and design can be used to help meet the challenges found in our society.

Book Review: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

My boys loved this book! It shows them how to make miniature catapults, bows, and other projectile machines out of common office supplies. This book would make a great basis for a open house or a just for a fun meeting.


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