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Egg Drop Challenge – An Engineering Project

In an egg drop challenge, Scouts try to design a container which can prevent an egg from breaking when dropped. This is an excellent project to get kids interested in science and engineering.

  1. Have your Scouts collect recyclable materials for a week and bring them to a meeting.
  2. Break Scouts into teams of two or three. (Cub Scouts might need to have parents or leaders as a mentor on their teams. )
  3. Give each team a roll of masking tape and a raw egg.
  4. Using the recyclables and tape, have them build a contraption for the egg which will protect it from a fall.
  5. Drop the egg in the contraption from some height. This must be supervised or done by an adult.
  6. See which teams’ eggs stayed intact and which broke.
  7. Talk about the effectiveness of the various designs.


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