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Athletics Merit Badge Helps and Documents

Scouts learn how to stay physically fit while working on the Athletics merit badge. They explore the importance of nutrition, warming up, and cooling down. They test their skills in selected areas such as sprinting, jumping, swimming, push ups, pull ups, basketball shooting, football kicking, soccer kicking, or weight training.

Get the Athletics Merit Badge pamphlet

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for Athletics Merit Badge

Printable checkoff sheet for Athletics Merit Badge

Printable note sheet for Athletics Merit Badge

Printable checkoff sheet for all Scouts BSA merit badges

Jump into the Athletics merit badge with these related ideas and achievements:

Soccer Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Soccer program feature helps Scouts learn how to enjoy the world’s most popular sport. While doing this, they learn about fitness, teamwork, and fun.

What is Good Sportsmanship?

Scouting and sports go together. Many recognitions require that the Scout discuss sportsmanship. So what does good sportsmanship mean?

Fitness and Nutrition Program Feature for Scouts BSA Troops

The Fitness and Nutrition program feature is listed in the Sports program features category, but fitness and nutrition are important for everyone, whether involved in sports or not. Topics include the Get FITT principle, the My Plate Way, Body Mass Index (BMI), and measuring flexibility with a sit and reach box. There are sample troop meeting plans and sample ideas for a troop outing or activity related to nutrition and fitness.

Homemade Sports Drink Powder Recipe

Sports drinks like Gatorade or Power Aid are designed to replenish the water and salt your body loses when you are active or exercising. You can mix up your own homemade sports drink powder to accomplish this for a fraction of the cost of purchasing these drinks by the bottle.


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