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Scouting For Food

Our Cub Scouts participate in the local Scouting for Food program every November.

Scouting for Food Neckerchief Slide
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This program has been going on since 1985 in our council. It provides three months of food for our local food pantries. On the second weekend in November, Scouts deliver bags to every house in the area. Then, the next weekend, the pick up the bags which have been filled with food and left out for them.

In our Pack, participation is mandatory. Cub Scouts are grouped as pairs or triples. With their parents, they arrange a time to deliver the bags on the first weekend and pick them up on the second weekend.  If we know a family is going to be out of town for one of the weekends, we put them in a triple group. Otherwise, they just need to arrange a time to get out despite all of the sports events and other activities.

On the second weekend, we run a food collection point at our church. The Cub Scouts bring the bags of food they collected. Then the Scouts BSA and other parish teens sort it and box it up so it can be delivered to local food pantries.

Hopefully your Scouts will be participating in a Scouting for Food event or other service project this month also.


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