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Tiger Bites Adventure for 2024

This for the 2024 program year Cub Scout updates. This new program takes effect on June 1, 2024. See more details about the overall program updates here.

The Tiger Bites Adventure is a part of the Cub Scout program aimed at Tiger Cub Scouts. This adventure focuses on teaching young Scouts about physical fitness and nutrition, which are key to leading a healthy life. By exploring different aspects of health and wellness, Tigers learn to take better care of themselves.

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Throughout the Tiger Bites Adventure, Tigers discover the basics of a balanced diet and the importance of staying active. These early lessons in health education help Scouts understand how their choices affect their bodies. The adventure is designed to be fun and engaging, making learning about health an enjoyable experience.

The adventure also includes activities that promote good hygiene and healthy routines. Tigers learn when and how to wash their hands properly, which is especially important for staying healthy. Additionally, they explore ways to improve their sleep, understanding that good sleep is crucial for overall health.

By participating in the Tiger Bites Adventure, Tiger Cub Scouts start building habits that can lead to a lifetime of good health. This foundation is not only important for their growth and development but also supports their success in all areas of life as they learn the value of taking care of their bodies.

Requirements for the Tiger Bites Adventure

Tiger Bites Adventure Requirements

  1. Identify the 5 different food groups.
  2. Practice hand washing. Point out when you should wash your hands.
  3. Be active for 30 minutes.  
  4. Practice methods that help you sleep.

Resources for the Tiger Bites Adventure

Exploring the Building Blocks of Nutrition

For the first requirement of the Tiger Bites Adventure, Tiger Cub Scouts learn about the five different food groups. Understanding these groups helps Tigers make healthier food choices. The five food groups are fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy. Each group provides different nutrients that are important for the body.

  • Food Group Sorting Game – Create cards with pictures of different foods. Ask the Tigers to sort these cards into the correct food groups.
  • Food Group Poster – Have each Tiger draw or cut out pictures of foods from magazines and arrange them into a poster with sections for each food group.
  • Grocery Store Hunt – During a den meeting at a local grocery store, have Tigers identify items from each food group. This real-world application helps reinforce their learning.

These activities make learning about food groups interactive and memorable for the Tigers, helping them to understand the role of each group in maintaining a healthy diet.

Clean Paws

In the second requirement of the Tiger Bites Adventure, Tiger Cub Scouts focus on practicing hand washing. This activity teaches Tigers the importance of cleanliness and preventing illness. Knowing when and how to wash hands properly is a key skill for staying healthy.

  • Glow Germ Demonstration – Use a special lotion that simulates germs and glows under a black light. Tigers can see how well they wash their hands by how much “glow” remains. See details here.
  • Hand Washing Chart – Create a chart that lists key times to wash hands, like before eating, after using the bathroom, and after playing outside. Tigers can put stickers on the chart each time they wash their hands at these times.
  • Hand Washing Song – Teach the Tigers a simple song to sing while washing their hands to make sure they scrub long enough. The “Happy Birthday” song twice is about the right length of time.

Teaching Tigers these habits helps them understand how hand washing keeps them and others around them healthy.

Get Moving

The third requirement of the Tiger Bites Adventure encourages Tiger Cub Scouts to be active for 30 minutes. This activity helps Tigers understand the importance of regular physical activity for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

  • Nature Walk – Organize a walk in a local park or nature trail. Make it a scavenger hunt where Tigers look for specific types of leaves, rocks, or wildlife.
  • Fitness Relay – Set up a relay race with different stations featuring jumping jacks, hula hoops, and sprinting. Each station can be a mini-challenge that adds up to 30 minutes of activity.
  • Dance Party – Host a dance party where Tigers can follow along to kid-friendly dance videos. Dancing is a fun way to get moving and can easily fill 30 minutes.

These activities not only fulfill the requirement but also show Tigers how enjoyable being active can be. Encouraging movement through play helps them develop a positive attitude toward exercise.

Dream Time

For the fourth requirement of the Tiger Bites Adventure, Tiger Cub Scouts explore different methods that can help them sleep better. Good sleep is crucial for growing kids as it affects their mood, energy levels, and overall health.

Here are some practical and fun ways to help Tigers practice good sleep habits:

  • Bedtime Routine Role-Play – Create a role-play activity where Tigers practice a bedtime routine. Include turning off screens an hour before bed, reading a book, and dimming the lights.
  • Relaxing Breathing Exercises – Teach the Tigers simple breathing exercises to do before bed. This can help calm their minds and prepare them for sleep.
  • Sleep Chart – Have Tigers track their sleep with a chart. Include bedtime, wake-up time, and how they felt in the morning. This can help them see the impact of good sleep habits.

Introducing these practices in a fun and interactive way can help Tigers understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and encourage them to adopt habits that promote restful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Tiger Bites Adventure

What is the Tiger Bites Adventure?

It’s an activity for Tiger Cub Scouts that teaches them about nutrition, cleanliness, physical activity, and sleep.

Why do Tigers need to learn about food groups?

Learning about food groups helps Tigers make healthy eating choices. It teaches them what kinds of food their bodies need.

How can Tigers practice hand washing?

Tigers can practice by washing their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, and after playing outside. They learn the proper way to wash hands to remove germs.

What are some good activities for being active for 30 minutes?

Activities like walking, playing a sport, or dancing help meet this goal. These activities make exercise fun and part of their daily life.

Why is learning about sleep important in the Tiger Bites Adventure?

Good sleep helps Tigers grow strong and stay healthy. Learning about sleep teaches them habits for a good night’s rest.

Can these activities be done at home or just at den meetings?

Tigers can do these activities at home with their families or at den meetings. It’s flexible to fit different schedules.

Healthier Habits

The Tiger Bites Adventure is designed to teach Tiger Cub Scouts about healthy living. It covers topics like nutrition, cleanliness, physical activity, and sleep. Through fun and interactive activities, Tigers learn the importance of eating well, staying active, and getting enough rest.

First, Tigers identify different food groups, helping them understand what a balanced diet looks like. They also practice hand washing, learning when and how to wash hands to keep germs away. Being active for 30 minutes is another requirement, teaching them the fun of physical exercise. Lastly, they explore methods to improve their sleep, ensuring they understand the benefits of a good night’s rest.

Overall, the Tiger Bites Adventure equips Tigers with essential knowledge and skills to lead healthier lives. It encourages them to practice these habits daily, fostering long-term health and well-being.


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