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Living History

Program Feature for Scouts BSA

Main Ideas

BSA has created updated versions of the Troop Program features for Scouts BSA. The Living History program feature is available in digital format on the BSA website or can be purchased as a publication from you local Scout Shop.

The Living History program feature lets Scouts experience different cultures, times, and places in an interactive and hands on manner. They witness reenactments and learn about historical events and different ways of life. The Living History program includes some general information and some more specific ideas for meetings:

  • First person and third person reenactment
  • Creating a historical persona
  • Historical recipes and cooking methods
  • Outdoor life
  • Historical firearms
  • History at Philmont Scout Ranch

Troop Meeting Ideas

Suggested troop meeting ideas for the Living History program feature are grouped by essential, challenging, or advanced. Here are a few you can see in the guide.

  • Make an item for a historical persona (essential)
  • Make a costume for a persona (challenging)
  • Make a costume using original material (advanced)
  • Research your persona (essential)
  • Develop you persona and costume (challenging)
  • List appropriate accessories for your persona (advanced)
  • Make a menu of period recipes (essential)
  • Create a Dutch oven meal plan (challenging)
  • Create a menu with doesn’t require utensils (advanced)
  • Make candles or fire starters (essential)
  • Learn about period weapons (challenging)
  • Learn about period lodging (advanced)

Games and More

There are also several games suggested to keep things interesting at your troop meetings

  • Colonial and Pioneer Games

The plan even provides Scoutmaster’s minutes and ceremonies for meetings.

Living History Program Troop Outing

Then there is the “Main Event”. Once again, there are suggestions for essential, challenging, or advanced. Details and planning aids can be found in the online guide.

  • Participate in a parade wearing period clothing (essential)
  • Participate in a rendezvous or reenactment event (challenging)
  • Spend a whole weekend in persona (advanced)

More Resources

My Story Mystery Game

The My Story Mystery Game is a great way to get to know some “history” about a group of individuals. It makes a great icebreaker. It can also serve as an introduction to a discussion about oral history and storytelling.

More Program Themes for Scouts BSA

Themes are a way to help your youth leadership plan an month of activities around a central skill or emphasis. This will help youth leaders focus during planning sessions and keep the program interesting. BSA provides a number or program features.


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