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Webelos/AOL Sports Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

This information is for the Cub Scout program before the June 1, 2024 updates. After June 2024, all Cub Scouts should use the updated program requirements. See here.

Sports is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures. For this adventure, Webelos learn about sportsmanship and play individual and team sports.

Webelos Sports Adventure Requirements

Complete the following requirements

  1. Show the signals used by officials in one of these sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey.
  2. Participate in two sports, either as an individual or as part of a team.
  3. Complete the following requirements:
    3A. Explain what good sportsmanship means
    3B. Role-play a situation that demonstrates good sportsmanship
    3C. Give an example of a time when you experienced or saw someone showing good sportsmanship.

Resources for Webelos Den Leaders and Parents

Develop your skills with these related ideas and achievements:

What is Good Sportsmanship?

See some discussion points for talking about good sportsmanship with youth.


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