Wolf Howling at the Moon Adventure: Helps and Ideas

A campfire and an image of the Wolf Howling at the Moon Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

Howling at the Moon is one of the Wolf required adventures. For this adventure, Wolves practice their communication skills by creating a skit and performing it at a pack campfire program.

Resources for Wolf Den Leaders and Parents

Join with other Wolves and make yourselves heard with these related ideas and achievements:

Skits for Campfire Programs

Get some skit ideas for your program. Here are some of the simpler ones:

Songs for Scouts

Songs are also good for a campfire program. Here are a few favorites from all of the songs on my site.

Cheers and Run Ons

Run ons and cheers will add some humor to the program and give a little break while they get ready for the next skit.

BSA Video Resource

Stories for Campfire Programs

A story can quiet things down a little. Here are a few you can tell before lights out.

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