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Air Pressure Demonstration

This would be a fun way to end a pack meeting or den meeting with a science theme. I guarantee that Cub Scouts will have fun blowing up balloons and letting them fly.

Just make sure you explain it before you give them the balloons, because it might be difficult to get their attention back once they start playing.

You can find more science ideas for Scouts on my STEM page.

Air Pressure Demonstration


  • balloon


  1. Blow up the balloon.
  2. Observe the balloon increasing in size.
  3. Release the end of the balloon.
  4. Observe how it flies around the room

As you force air into the balloon, the air pressure inside the balloon forces the balloon to expand.

When you release the end of the balloon, air in the balloon is released until the pressure inside the balloon equals the pressure outside of the balloon. The force of the air leaving the balloon causes the balloon to fly.

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