Tiger Circles Duty to God Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Documents

Childrens open hands in a circular pattern and an image of the Tiger Circles Duty to God Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

Tiger Circles Duty to God is one of the Tiger required adventures. For this adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners talk about faith and family and participate in an activity related to their beliefs.

Resources for Tiger Den Leaders and Parents

Explore your duty to God further with these related ideas and resources:

Service Project Ideas

See some ideas which are appropriate for younger Scouts.

Faith Requirements for Cub Scouts and Agnostics

Readers ask and answer questions about fulfilling these requirement for Scouts from agnostic or atheist homes.

Should Duty To God Requirements Be Completed at Home or at a Meeting?

See a discussion about different approaches to completing the requirements at home or in a den setting.

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